Sean Cackoski

Who am I?
My story starts in the United States, where at the age of 15, I started working professionally as an actor in musical theatre productions.
Fast forward to college, where I discovered a deep interest in artistic creation and pivoted from musical theatre acting to creating movement, choreography, and images onstage. Encouraged by my professors, I made the move to Paris, France to study at École Jacques Lecoq, where I discovered a love for poetry, imagemaking, and deepened my understanding of the creative process.
Now, I work as a photographer. Still feeling a deep connection to the theatre, I specialize in photos and reels for actors, creating images and videos for theatre companies, and creating images that tell a story. You may notice that I explore and have portfolios for many different styles of photography. I am wildly interested in learning new things, exploring new genres, and believe wholeheartedly that by learning different styles and techniques, I enrich and expand my skill sets in ways that only come from creative cross-contamination.
Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about my process, experiences, or would like to book a session. You can contact me by clicking the Collaborate button below!​​​​​​​